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Different problems occur with loss of self-confidence. The simplest way to get rid of this situation is hair transplantation. With hair transplantation, your hair can be as good as before, even better than before

Hair Landing

Hair Transplantation is the Solution!

Hair transplantation is a procedure in which hair roots are removed from donor area of your scalp and implanted to recipient area which is bald or thinner. Once transplanted, the hair will continue to grow for a person’s lifetime.

There may be many reasons for losing your hair day by day. It may be due to aging, changes in the hormones or having baldness in the family genes. After the onset of the hair loss, more severe baldness may follow.

You will have your natural hair back?

With a successful hair transplantation, hair roots called follicular units will be removed from the back of your scalp separately and they will be implanted to bald area of your scalp which is the top and front of your head.

Under the coordination of a specialized medical team, hair transplantation will enhance your appearance, increase your self-confidence and most importantly, you will have your natural hairs back again.

FUE technique for hair transplantation

fue technique

FUE technique which is the most preferred technique for hair transplantation in the world means ‘’follicular unit extraction’’.

With a FUE technique, our specialized team removes hair roots individually from back of your hair by using a micro motor or manual punch if it’s necessary in order to transfer them to bald or thin area. FUE technique allows specialists to harvest maximum amount of hair roots from back of your hair.

Hair Transplantation
hair transplant pim 3

Do you have questions?

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Feel free to fill the form to ask any questions about your hair transpilation. Please contact us for further details of your status. You can have more information about treatments we provide or you can have just some advice on where to start.

PRP Support for the best result

PRP therapy which means ‘’platelet rich plasma’’ is a revolutionary treatment in which small amount of blood is taken from your body and passed through a centrifuge system to separate the platelets and fibrin from the red blood cells and inject them into the transplantation area. We also offer PRP therapy before hair transplantation in order to keep the removed hair roots alive, to provide faster recovery of the implanted hair follicles and to stimulate thin and weak hair follicles.

Who Performs Your Hair Transplantation Procedure?

Experience and expertise are the two elements that make the difference on the result of the hair transplantation.

In our clinic, a hair restoration surgeon who is specialized and experienced in hair transplantation, performs the operation with a expert hair transplantation team.

When should I have a hair transplantation?

You can have hair transplantation procedure at any time you want during a year.

There is no specific season for hair transplantation; and thanks to the advanced skills and technology used by our team, you can reach your natural hair at any time of the year.

Key Elements of a Successful Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is a standalone procedure which may change your life positively. That’s why we offer you an interactive assessment process with our hair transplant surgeon in order to plan all details related to your hair.

Natural Look: Mostly, people want to have a hair transplantation procedure, but they don’t want other people to realize it after operation unless they disclose it. We understand this wish completely and that is why our surgeon plans your hair transplantation with you and opens the channel by himself.

Hair Density: Our hair transplantation surgeon will discuss all details of your hair transplantation operation with you and ensure that you will have the hair density you desire.

Secured Donor Area: We are minimizing any kind of observed thinning in your donor area by careful grafting.

I have made my mind, Now what should I do?

Well, if you have decided to have a hair transplantation procedure, we kindly request your hair photos from back, top and front in order to give you a free consultation and share plan prepared by our hair transplantation surgeon. After that, we will provide you information about the number of grafts planned to be transplanted and cost of the transplant. If you agree with all conditions, we will start to plan your visit to Turkey together.

The Hair Transplantation Procedure

Our physician makes a general assessment of your hair including details such as the density of your hair, nature of your hair, hair transfer and transplantation areas, and front lines. All these subjects are planned with our surgeon in close interaction with you.

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Our dedicated team will make the process as straightforward, and time-effective, as possible for you, and can advise on all aspects of travel, accommodation, appointment timing and payments.

We can arrange an initial consultation via phone to understand your situation and analyze the most effective treatment plan for your needs, designed to give you the best chance of success.

If you are ready to learn more, check out the six primary steps you can expect during the obesity treatment process.

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Our medical team will direct you to the healthcare department you need. Our experienced and multilingual team will request your preliminary health information at the first stage.

Our patient counselor will request the tests and reports you have about your illness, and as soon receiving the information, by evaluating your situation, they will deliver it to our team of doctors to work out the most appropriate treatment plan for you. Within 24 hours at the latest, a treatment protocol will be prepared and delivered to you.

If you do not have previously made tests or a treatment protocol, a process executed worked out and your treatment protocol will be prepared and sent to you within 24 hours at the latest.

Hotel, Flight, Transfers, Hospital and doctor reservations will be made, and the confirmations will be sent to you by e-mail.

After the necessary contracts are signed, our travel consultants and health consultants will prepare your travel plan by making a joint process management. Within the framework of your travel plan, we will always be with you in every step of your journey starting with picking you up from your home to the airport, arranging your flight ticket, welcoming you at Turkey airport with a team speaking your language, checking you in to your hotel and also during your stay at the hospital and the follow-up process. You will never feel alone till you get back to your home. Our multilingual and professional team will serve you with their over 50 years of experience.

Pietra Global representative will be assisting you in all treatment centers, such as Hospital / Clinic / Health Center / Rehabilitation Center, and etc. After your operation and/or the determined treatment period; all your needs related to the operation, from your medicines to your diet, will be determined and prepared by us in advance. If you are traveling with your family members or friends, we will plan all flights, transfers, accommodation and tourism organizations for them as well, if requested by you so.

According to the procedure performed, you will be in our follow-up for the first 4 weeks / 2nd month and 6th month / 1st year in some operations or interventions. The process of regaining your health consists of 3 stages.

The first stage is when you decide on the intervention or operation you will get.

The second stage is about your eligibility for the treatments we will offer, reviewing your diet and habits before the treatment, and getting ready physically and mentally before the operation.

Third stage is when you start your treatment protocol. During your treatment, we will work with the best doctors and hospitals in their field.
Everything you need after the treatment/operation including the proper care, nutrition and habits will be carefully planned and prepared just for you by our doctors in order to achieve the best result.

Your discharge report and health report showing that you can return to your country will be prepared and delivered to you in the language of your country.

The Pietra Global team will pick you up from your hotel / apartment / clinic / health center and drop you off at the airport, and if you wish, the Pietra Global team will be meeting you at the airport of your country and accompany you to your home.


You can find frequently asked questions about Hair Transplantation Landing Page
Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) is an innovative and increasingly popular method of extracting, or “harvesting,” donor hair in a follicular unit hair transplant procedure. FUE is a more advanced method of hair transplants than previous techniques like strip harvesting transplantation or FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation). A follicular unit extraction (FUE) transplant is the most modern technique of hair transplant that produces natural and realistic looking results. The advantage of the FUE method is that it does not require a piece of skin from the relevant part to be removed and the stem cells can be worked on individually. In the FUT method, since the hairy skin part is taken is stitched back together, it leaves a trace even if it is in a very thin line.

The major difference between these methods is the way in which the grafts are removed. With the FUE method, the grafts are removed one by one from the donor area. With the FUT procedure, a piece of skin is removed from the donor area. Under microscope the grafts are then prepared in hair groups of one to four hair roots.

In Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique, there isn’t a linear donor scar, and it has a faster healing period. When the patient’s primary goal is to be able to wear their hair shortly after or return quickly to strenuous activity, FUE is ideal. FUE is also indicated when there is an increased risk of a widened scar or when scalp laxity (looseness) does not permit a strip excision. The patient may sometimes choose FUE simply to avoid the stigma of a linear donor scar.

Fast healing: FUE wounds heal much faster than FUT. It’s because of the small size of wounds. All the daily routine can be resumed in one week’s time including exercising.
Selective harvest: Since the grafts in FUE can be chosen & picked, it provides an option to get the best grafts, the grafts which have more than one follicle in them. It really helps in dense packing especially behind the hair line area.
Graft placement is easy: FUE grafts are thinner & leaner than FUT, so it is very easy to place them together in a small space. On the other hand, the FUT grafts are thicker & have good amount of fat tissue in it. So again, very high density can be achieved using FUE grafts.

Small sessions: Since FUE doesn’t include a cut, it goes with small sessions, in case patient wants to go slow and gradually towards the goal of hair restoration. Very small sessions of even 300-400 grafts, can be done to reduce the social downtime & to avoid sudden change.

Platelet-Rich Plasma or its acronym PRP, described as a procedure to enhance healing and hair growth after hair transplantation. Abundant references can be found to use of PRP in sports medicine to enhance healing after injury. More recently however, hair restoration physicians have discovered its benefit in providing their patients with the very best hair transplant results.

PRP is an exciting non-surgical therapeutic option for patients who require stimulation of hair growth for hair loss conditions.
The use of PRP is a highly effective auxiliary treatment for hair loss because it has a number of scientifically based articles showing its efficiency increasing hair count, hair thickness, and the growth phase of the hair cycle.

Hair follicles survive through the absorption of oxygen from surrounding tissue. It is conjectured that the introduction of platelets and white blood cells through platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) would amplify the body’s naturally occurring wound healing mechanism. It is also proposed that PRP can actually stimulate the stem cells (dermal papilla) of the newly transplanted hair follicles.

In general, it’s firmly established that FUE hair transplantation results are permanent. The areas where hair follicles are taken from are not genetically programmed to drop out.

When the follicles are transplanted to the necessary parts of the scalp, they attach to the cells around them and are nourished once again by regular blood flow, as they were before being removed. They are natural hairs; this means it will take a while for the hair to become visible.

Since the surgeons use local anesthetic to numb the scalp area, the procedure does not hurt at all.

This may cause slight discomfort at first but once the area is completely numb, you won’t be able to feel any pain. Recovering from the FUE method is typically less painful than the FUT strip method, as it is less invasive.

Unlike strip surgery, FUE hair transplantation does not require large areas of the scalp to be harvested. There is also no linear incision on the back of the head, nor does it leave a linear scar.

As individual follicles are removed, it only leaves small, puncture scars, which are practically invisible to the naked eye. There is hardly any post-surgical pain and discomfort – with the average recovery time being less than 7 days.

Averages and estimates offer a good starting point for understanding how many grafts you will need. Obviously, the end result that is desired is good coverage and being able to restore the look of a younger head of hair. Contrary to what most people initially think, the coverage that can be achieved through a hair transplant procedure is not necessarily based on hard, precise numbers. This is partially due to individual factors that are based on your genetics.

  • Areas of baldness and thinning
  • Comparative hair type, in terms of thickness, texture and color
  • Similar hair to skin color contrast
  • Ethnic background
Hair transplantation is an extremely safe out-patient procedure that is normally without significant risks or complications. It is very safe and minimally invasive procedure under local anesthetic. There are very few potential health risks associated to it, only as with any surgical procedure.

Temporary Thinning of Pre-Existing Hair

Although rare, after the surgery some pre-existing hair can thin. The pre-existing hair will return to normal, full condition within a few months of the surgery.


Infection from a hair transplant is possible, though unlikely, affecting one in thousands of cases. Thankfully, this can be easily avoided with the use of antibiotics.


As the hair transplant procedure involves creating tiny wounds in the scalp in order to implant hair, scabbing will occur across hundreds, or potentially thousands, of hair follicles.

This results in itchiness in the transplanted area. Patients should avoid scratching, as doing so can remove the scabs and delay the healing process. Daily washing of the hair using non-perfumed shampoos can help alleviate the itching.


You are bound to have micro scars after undergoing hair transplantation surgery. If you choose to undergo FUE technique of hair transplant then you will notice some dot like micro scars, but you should not worry about these scars as these scares will only last long for a couple of weeks.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUE) is an extremely effective and popular solution to hair loss but the results, whilst impressive, are not immediate. Clients who are interested in pursuing this treatment may wish to familiarize themselves with the stages that their hair will need to go through before the final effect is achieved.

When the follicles are transplanted to the necessary parts of the scalp, they attach to the cells around them and are nourished once again by regular blood flow, as they were before being removed. They are natural hairs; this means it will take a while for the hair to become visible.

After the initial few days, the hair will fall out through shock. Although the hairs have gone, the follicles still remain and will start to properly regrow after a few months. It does take some patience, but the procedure will result in you having a fuller, thicker head of hair that will stand the rest of the time.

hair transplant regroth timeline

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