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The terms “us”, “we”, “our”, and “Pietra Global” refer to Pietra Global, LLC. The terms “site” & “website” refer to www.pietraglobal.com

Pietra Global, LLC is not a medical service provider, and does not provide any advice or opinion of a medical nature (including with respect to any likely results, risks, or side effects). Instead, the purpose of Pietra Global is to create an avenue for potential clients to view and obtain information about specific medical facilities in Thailand, make airfare reservations to travel to and from Thailand, make hotel arrangements & transportation assistance in Thailand, and assist in connecting clients to doctors that clients have selected by scheduling appointments and facilitating transport to various medical facilities in Thailand. 

Pietra Global, LLC aims to provide information about Medical Tourism to its clients based on internet research, personal experience, and other sources. Our employees and website provide clients and potential clients the opportunity to compare and research medical procedures, facilities, advice, treatment, diagnosis, and cost to make decisions about the care they may choose to receive in Thailand. Pietra Global and its employees are not medical professionals and do not attempt to provide professional medical advice about any medical procedures and treatments. We hold no responsibility or liability of any kind for medical advice and procedures conducted by medical facilities that appear on our website. All medical services rendered are the responsibility of the medical service facility that provides the services, and are governed solely by the terms and conditions of the medical facilities you may enter. 

Although we attempt to provide accurate information, your use of any information about medical, dental, cosmetic, non-invasive or any other procedures provided by Pietra Global or its affiliates verbally, electronically, or through our website is solely at your own risk. . Pietra Global makes no representations regarding the completeness or correctness of the information presented, and shall not have any liability or responsibility for any incorrect, incomplete or out of date information that may be provided. All site visitors assume the inherent risks involved with any medical procedures.  

Prices provided on our website are considered to be estimates based on up-to-date research gathered from various sources. When viewing our pricing guide, you acknowledge that these prices are subject to significant differences based on a variety of factors. Every medical case is unique and may require additional services to be determined by the medical facility administrators and doctors involved. Pietra Global will not be held liable for any additional medical costs associated with additional services rendered under any circumstances.  

Pietra Global, LLC is not a referral service. We do not receive any financial compensation from any facilities to endorse their services over others. Statements made on our website, verbally, electronically or otherwise, regarding medical facilities are not facts and should not be viewed as factual information. The information we provide about specific facilities and procedures performed at these facilities is not a substitute for information or advice that may be given by a medical professional. All clients are advised to consult their doctors before pursuing any medical treatment in Thailand.  

We do not attempt to provide professional medical advice. All information we provide does not substitute for medical advice provided by a medical professional. Medical professionals may make changes at any moment in order to protect the patient from harm. We are not responsible for any changes or alterations in medical treatment made by medical professionals. 

Cancellations & Delays

Travel plans may require modifications that can alter the cost of travel and hotel accomodations. Pietra Global will not be held responsible for cost increases associated with air travel. Any and all fees associated with airline booking, rebooking, cancellations, extensions, and delays will be at the expense of the client. Travel services are provided by 3rd party airlines. Clients are subject to the terms and conditions of airline companies while during travel duration periods. 

Pietra Global will not be held responsible or held liable for any changes or price increases resulting from changes to prior agreed upon travel dates and hotel booking dates. Should travel and hotel dates require changes, Pietra Global will attempt to make necessary accommodations on behalf of its clients. All fees and costs associated with booking and rebooking changes, extensions, cancellations, and delays are the responsibility of the clients. Clients may also be responsible for additional booking, rebooking, and cancellation fees from Pietra Global. 

Traveling to Thailand from the United States often requires airline connections in foreign or domestic cities and countries. Pietra Global will not be held responsible or liable for any losses, damages, delays, and cancellations incurred in these locations.      

Pietra Global facilitates hotel accommodations for its clients while in Thailand. The company does not own or operate any of the hotel facilities it mentions on its website. Pietra Global recommends these hotels and its facilities to its clients based on limited cooperation between the separate entities. Pietra Global, LLC and its employees are not responsible or liable for any incidents involving its clients while residing at any of the hotel facilities mentioned on its website. Clients enter these facilities at their own risk.  


Pietra Global, LLC will take necessary precautions to protect the privacy of its clients. This includes using encryption software when sending private medical information electronically in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA). In some instances, the electronic transfer of information via the internet may be out of our control. We will not be responsible for information that has been hacked or stolen electronically. You are responsible for the content you send using our website and the resulting consequences. 

Age Requirement

All visitors to our website must be 18 years of age or older. Users may be required to show proof of age before using the MedHealth website or before engaging in communication with any Pietra Global employees.  

Limitations of Liability; Indemnification

Other than as expressly provided in these Terms and Conditions, Pietra Global does not make any promises or guarantees about the services rendered by us, and will not be held liable under any circumstances, whether directly or indirectly, for any damages resulting from the use of our services. All damages, fees, fines, lost wages, delays, and penalties that arise from the any direct or indirect use of this website is solely the responsibility of the individual. By using our website or services, you understand and agree that you assume all risks, whether direct or indirect, that may arise from the use of our website or any of our services or any services provided by our affiliates.  Pietra Global and its affiliates, including its employees, management, partners and agents, will not be held liable, directly or indirectly, for any medical procedure (including, without limitation, the results of any medical procedure or the cancellation of or adjustment in any medical procedure) conducted by a facility mentioned on its website or by any affiliate of Pietra Global. All individuals enter into an agreement with any medical facility at their own risk and fall under the terms and conditions of any medical facility they so choose to enter. Users agree to resolve all disputes, repayments, and reimbursements with the medical facilities from which the procedures have taken place. Pietra Global will not be responsible under any circumstances, to the fullest extent permitted under applicable laws, to repay or reimburse you or any users of its services or website. Certain limitations or exclusions may not apply to some users that reside in some states as laws in these states do not allow the exclusion of incidental or consequential damages.  

By using this website and our services, each client agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Pietra Global, LLC and its affiliates and their respective employees, management, partners and agents, to the fullest extent permitted under law, from and against any and all claims, liability, losses, damages, costs and fees, including legal fees, incurred as a result of, or in connection with, any breach or alleged breach by the client or its affiliates under these Terms and Conditions.


These Terms and Conditions may be modified, altered or amended from time to time by Pietra Global, LLC. Any changes to these Terms and Conditions will be considered agreed to by the client upon continued use of the website or any services provided by Pietra Global.

In the event any paragraph and/or portion of these Terms and Conditions is found to be invalid or unenforceable, the remaining portions of these Terms and Conditions shall remain in full force and effect.


Pietra Global is a medical tourism consulting & logistics travel agency specializing in creating and preparing customized travel packages for medical tourists traveling to Thailand. We provide information based on research, personal experience, and other sources to help assist medical tourists who intend to travel to Thailand for medical, dental, or cosmetic procedures. We are not medical professionals and do not attempt to provide professional medical advice. We simply create an avenue for our clients to receive professional medical advice and care from trained medical professionals employed at JCI accredited hospitals in Thailand. All medical care and supervision responsibilities fall under the specific medical facility performing each specific task. By using this site, you agree that Pietra Global will not be held liable in any way, directly or indirectly, for any claims, damages, lost wages, refunds, or reimbursements of any kind. All clients are advised of the inherent risks involved with any medical procedure and are fully consenting to any and all activities associated with the services provided by Pietra Global. Pietra Global outsources third party vendors to provide the medical care, airfare, and hotel accommodations at the request of our clients. We recommend reviewing the terms & conditions of the third party vendors before engaging in any activities or accepting any services.