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Pietra Global has a team of multilingual experts serving both medical and logistic needs of our international patients.


Why Pietra Global is the best service provider in medical tourism?

One reason, among many, on how are we able to offer our patients the best possible prices for any type of treatment is that as an active facilitator, reliable partner, and the ability to manage complex services, we have obtained special price and service agreements with great Turkish hospitals in Turkey.

Best Providers

Collaboration with the best medical service providers

Dedicated Team

Dedicated team of medical travel experts

Comprehensive Solution

Door to door handling services (transportation, accommodation, translation, personal assistance)

Pre and post care

Collaboration with the best medical service providers


Personalized care for each individual patient


Authorized medical travel company by Turkish Ministry of Healthcare


Your Journey to Health

We are offering you simple steps to outstanding healthcare in Turkey. Follow our guide to find out how to explore, inquire, book, plan your trip, travel and get treated in a smart way.


As Pietra Global, we focused on providing medical services in more than 200 fields and we thought of all the necessary solutions for your treatment.


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