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For most patients, initial fears about language difficulties and the logistics of travelling overseas are allayed by linking up with a company experienced in putting health trips together.

What is waiting for you Pietra?

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Patient satisfaction is about more than just low prices.

Going abroad is likely to become more and more acceptable. And it won’t just be for operations. People will increasingly think of combining a general health check with a vacation and companies looking after overstressed execs are already thinking in terms of combining a health check with a spa or seaside hotel overseas.

Last but not least, Turkey is an internationally recognized destination for health tourism and Istanbul is well-known for modern, well-equipped JCI accredited hospitals with high quality and competitive prices.

Treatment in Turkey

Heal Destination

Turkey has become an attractive destination for international patients seeking treatment abroad. High quality and safety standards obtained by most Turkish hospitals and clinics, teams of multilingual experts for supporting foreign patients and other well established logistic arrangements have been the key to Turkey’s success in international healthcare.

Accredited by JCI

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Honored with the Gold Seal of Approval to the quest for excellence, Istanbul hosts many international hospitals accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) for the hospital itself or ambulatory care, medical transport, or clinical laboratory.

Joint Commission International (JCI)” is a not- for-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality and safety of patient care around the world. One way we improve global healthcare is by accrediting the small number of hospitals and healthcare organizations that are capable of meeting our demanding standards.”

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We are offering you simple steps to outstanding healthcare in Turkey. Follow our guide to find out how to explore, inquire, book, plan your trip, travel, and get treated in a smart way.