Frequently Asked Questions

Ask someone who knows the best for you.

Pietra Global has a team of multilingual experts serving both the medical and logistic needs of the international health tourists.

We are able to offer our patients the best possible prices for any type of treatment. Thanks to our role as an active facilitator we have special price and service agreements with Turkish hospitals.

Our team builds up excellent treatment plans with exceptionally best prices for international health tourists.

We support both the patient and the medical team throughout the treatment process, help them with reports, translations, documentations and other similar complimentary services before and after the treatment, in order to allow our patients recover quickly and travel back to their homes safely.

What will the aftercare be like overseas after my surgery? Depending on your hospital and or surgery package, you will either spend most of your recovery time at the hospital, or more likely, you will transfer to a hotel or a recovery facility for the rest of your stay. This only makes sense as a night in the hospital may cost two or three times more than one at a hotel or recovery retreat. Your doctor will decide on the hospitality duration of your treatment and accordingly, we will arrange all the details for you and for your caregivers.

This will depend on the medical tourism procedure package you are going to purchase through your international hospital or medical tourism facilitator. Even if your package does include the cost of post-surgery lodging, it will be better to check and see if you can save money by purchasing your lodging separately.

Again, this will depend on the hospital and the treatment package that you are going to choose. The health professionals who are going to oversee your treatment will provide you with concrete information about the requirement of rehabilitation and its duration, so make sure to ask if this will be included as part of your procedure package.

In the event of a medical tourism complication, your international hospital and physician will arrange for proper action to be taken. It is therefore important to have a list of hospital contacts with you while you are recovering at your hotel. Some medical tourism complications may be very minor and require nothing more than a short doctor’s or nursing visit to your hotel. Other complications may require that you be interned again in the hospital.

Scheduling of All Medical Appointments

Coordination of the Admissions Process

Cost Estimates for Anticipated Treatment

Processing of Medical Second Opinions

Booking of Hotel / Apartments

Flight Arrangements & Extensions, Visa Assistance


Special dietary needs 

Special cultural needs

Local Sightseeing excursion

Your treatment-partner is here.

Once a treatment plan is decided for the patient after the diagnosis, we take care of physician appointments, medical visa applications (if needed) and support you in every possible way.

If your medical condition requires special care we are ready to provide an ambulance for your transportation from the airport to the clinic.

If you need some recreational activities before or after your medical treatment, we have a variety of services to offer in this respect.

Pietra Global is a part of Pietra Group Company and thus it cooperates with a licensed travel agency providing airline reservations and tickets to its clients. We can reserve and issue your flight tickets with special conditions for you.

As an authorized travel agency, we can are able to provide the best hotels with the best available prices to our patients 

Did you know?

That Turkish Airlines offers 50% discount to health tourists?

We can are able to provide local assistants and translator for you in Turkey during your treatment and stay. Also, all our partner clinics have their own international health tourism departments, and they employ medical translation services in many of the common world languages. So, you will be able to communicate with health professionals and have a qualified health service in both parts during your treatment vacation.

Please feel free to contact us for more help and information.

Once your treatment is over and you are free to enjoy our beautiful country, we are here to offer you fantastic leisure activities, excursions, and other services.

Please do not go home without a short vacation in Turkey.