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We are able to offer our patients the best possible prices for any type of treatment. Thanks to our role as an active facilitator, we have special price and service agreements with Turkish hospitals.

Our team builds up excellent treatment plans with exceptionally low prices for international patients.

We support both the patient and the medical team throughout the treatment process, help them with reports, translations, documentations and other similar complementary services before and after the treatment, in order to allow our patients recover quickly and travel back to their homes safely.

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Obesity Surgery
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When do we need bariatric surgery?
Obesity Surgery
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What kind of problems after the surgery we can encounter?
Obesity Surgery
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What is gastric bypass surgery?
Obesity Surgery
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What is sleeve gastrectomy?
Obesity Surgery
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What is restrictive bariatric surgery?
Obesity Surgery
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What are the bariatric surgery times?
Obesity Surgery
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What are the contraindications to bariatric surgery?
Obesity Surgery
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What is bariatric surgery?


You can find frequently asked questions about Obesity Surgery
First, intra-oral photographs and panoramic X-rays are requested from international patients. With these, a pre-planning can be done.
The process will not exceed 10 days if there is no surgical intervention and for treatment procedures like teeth whitening. If there is a surgical intervention, it may vary depending on the procedure.
Temporary prosthesis can last up to two months. The patient can travel or return to his/her country during this period.
Temporary prostheses can be placed immediately within the same day if the ideal loading conditions are met during the early loading protocol. However, if the ideal conditions cannot be met or the bone stability is poor, they switch to delayed loading protocol and the prosthesis gets placed later.
Orthodontics is not suitable as it requires long-term, monthly follow-ups. Patients need to spend more time in the country.
Implant is a material to replace a missing tooth. Its screw-like structure mimics dental root. Prosthesis can be fixed onto it.

Yes. Thanks to our international connections, we can demand implants of various brands upon request.

The dentists choose tested, safe implant brands that have serious R&D efforts behind them and that passed quality tests. Guarantee depends on the doctor.
There may be physician-related problems or problems with tissue-healing. It is guaranteed that no implant-related problem will arise.
Beware of places that offer cheap implants. There are fake implants.
No, titanium is a matter accepted by the human body.
Being certified is important in proving that it is not a counterfeit product of Far East origin.
Patients with missing teeth can get implants. Patients with untreatable tooth problems and patients that expect to lose their tooth get implants after extraction of the tooth. It can be applied to many patients. Patients with severe bone condition and patients on bisphosphonate therapy cannot get implants. If the drug was taken a long time ago, the decision can be made after a blood test. Patients with severe diabetes cannot get implants unless the condition is under control. The implant is risky for patients with severe bleeding problems and patients should consult to their doctor. Heavy smokers are expected to cut down on their smoking as much as possible. Implant’s success rate may reduce in heavy smokers. The implant can be used in patients that have received radiotherapy to their head area after a year from treatment with doctor’s approval.
Healing of the implant can vary from person to person. It takes about 8 weeks on average.
The implant is not a painful treatment as it is carried out under anesthesia. The pain after treatment may vary depending on the size of the intervention. Regular use of medicines plays an important role in relieving pain.
It can be said that it is much cheaper in Turkey. The implant prices in Switzerland are twice the prices in Turkey. In Europe, an implant costs from €2,000 to €4,000.
It’s a matter of trust. Information should be gathered by reading the doctor’s biography. Their experience and certifications should also be considered. Intermediary institutions can guarantee this. The recommendations of other patients on social media can also be taken into consideration.
Treatments such as correction of previous bad restorations, bad fillings, small misalignments, gap filling, teeth whitening, laminate, bonding treatment, e-max restoration, gummy smile can be done.
Between one week to 10 days if no serious surgical intervention is to be made. It can go down to as short as three days if there are no problems in patient’s gums and also if the corrections to be made are simple.
Usually, there aren’t any serious problems after the treatment is finished. If the patient come to Turkey, there may be a routine follow-up. Patient can also get the follow-up done in his/her country. If there is a surgical intervention, the doctor must see the patient after one week of the operation.
He/she can if the tests requested by the doctor are done. If there is enough information about the patient, alternative treatment methods and prices can be sent subsequently.


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