Mini Gastric Bypass


In this technique, the stomach is formed into a tube with a thickness of approximately 2 cm and a volume of 50-60 cc (equals to the volume of 4 tablespoons of water), like the extension of the esophagus and similar to the tube in the stomach and it is separated from the rest of the stomach. The new small and narrow stomach tube is joined by bringing and stitching a region in the middle of the small intestines (200 cm from Treitz) without cutting. The biggest difference of this technique from RYGB is that intestinal integrity is kept intact, and the procedure is performed in a single area.

Mini gastric bypass is an effective surgery that combines some features of standard gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy. The upper part of the stomach is formed into a tube and connected to the small intestine.

Mini gastric bypass can be applied as a stand-alone weight loss procedure. In addition, it can be applied to patients who have previously undergone gastric banding or gastric sleeve surgery but could not lose weight or who have experienced complications due to gastric banding and decided to have revision surgery.

In this operation, the upper part of the stomach is separated from the rest of the stomach in the form of a thin tube. It becomes a new and smaller stomach. This new stomach is then attached beyond to the first 150-200 centimeters of the small intestine. The remainder of the stomach and upper part of the small intestine remains in the body but is not involved in digestion.

How Mini Bypass Surgery Helps to Lose Weight?

  1. As the signals between the stomach and the brain change, the feeling of hunger decreases.
  2. You get full with less amount of food.
  3. Since some of the small intestines are not involved in digestion, less of the calories in the foods you consume are absorbed.

Long Term Effects of Mini Gastric Bypass

70-85% of the excess weight is lost until 2 years after the operation. Many diseases associated with being overweight, such as sleep apnea, type 2 diabetes, joint diseases, high blood pressure, and polycystic ovary syndrome, improve or disappear completely thanks to this surgery.



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