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In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) involves fertilization outside the body in an artificial environment. IVF was first successfully used for human infertility in 1977 at Bourne Hall in Cambridge, England. To date, tens of thousands of babies have been delivered worldwide as a result of IVF treatment. Over the years, the procedures to achieve IVF pregnancy have become increasingly simpler, safer and more successful.

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a type of assisted reproductive technology used to help achieve pregnancy. In vitro literally means “in glass” and fertilization is the joining of sperm and egg cells. Normally, fertilization takes place inside a woman’s body. During IVF, sperm and egg cells are combined in a laboratory dish and fertilization takes place outside the body. The resulting embryo(s) may then be transferred back to a woman’s uterus to develop into a baby.

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We understand how important having a family is to you and can assure you that we will provide you with the highest standard of fertility care.
Our dedicated team will make the process as straightforward, and time-effective, as possible for you, and can advise on all aspects of travel, accommodation, appointment timing and payments.

We can arrange an initial consultation via phone to understand your situation and analyze the most effective treatment plan for your needs, designed to give you the best chance of success.
If you are ready to learn more, check out the four primary steps you can expect during the in vitro fertilization process.

Before and during the in vitro fertilization process, your fertility specialist will monitor your ovaries and the timing of the egg release. The doctor will make sure that your ovaries are producing eggs, and that your hormone levels are normal, among other procedures.Most women take fertility medicines or hormones at this time to stimulate the ovaries to produce one or more eggs. Having several eggs available for IVF will increase the chances that you will get pregnant.If you cannot produce any eggs, talk to your doctor about donor eggs for the IVF process.

During this step in the IVF process, pain medication is given to reduce any discomfort. Then a very thin needle is passed through the upper vaginal wall. With the use of vaginal ultrasound, fluid is removed from the follicles under gentle suction.Immediately after aspiration of the follicle, the oocyte (egg) is isolated from the follicular fluid. The egg is placed in a culture dish containing nutrient media and then transferred to the incubator.

The next step of the IVF process is the fertilization of the egg. A sperm sample is secured, either from your partner or a donor, and the most active sperm is mixed with the egg in a special chamber. Sometimes the sperm is directly injected into the egg. Then, the sperm and egg are placed in an incubator and monitored to make sure that a healthy embryo develops.

The final step of the IVF process is the embryo transfer. First, the embryos are examined to select the healthiest ones for transfer. To transfer the embryo(s), a speculum is placed into your vagina and the embryo(s) are transferred via a small plastic tube placed through the cervix into the uterine cavity. After the IVF process is complete, bed rest is often advised for around 24 hours.


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Frequently Asked Questions About In Vitro Fertilization Treatment

Please call our office to get an offer. You can reach our office at +1 312 667 5559 or +90 533 407 99 08 or send an e-mail now [email protected]


IVF treatment takes approximately 18–20 days. The patient can return to his/her country after the embryo treatment. The patient can get information about the required tests by contacting the doctor before coming to Turkey. This way, everything will be ready for them upon their arrival in Turkey, which will correspond to the second or third day of the menstrual cycle. Doctors recommend this method. If a co-operative doctor can be found in the country, the treatment period can be reduced to 11–12 days by starting in advance.

The decision process will vary depending on the underlying problem or age of the woman. A healthy couple that is struggling to conceive should resort to visiting the doctor one year after their relationship begins, if the woman is 35 or younger. Women over the age of 35 can visit the doctor if they are struggling to conceive after a period of six months.

IVF treatment can be applied until the age of 45. In women who are 30–35 years old, the pregnancy rate is roughly 50 percent. This rate falls to 35 percent between the ages of 35–40. In those aged 40–42, this rate is 10–15 percent; however, it further decreases to 3 percent after age 42. A woman’s age is the most critical factor. In vitro fertilization should be realized at the ages of 37–38.

Every attempt has a certain rate, which does not rise upon consecutive attempts. When women younger than 35 years make four trials, 75 percent of them are able to get pregnant.

IVF treatment drugs are designed to be used for 10–12 days. These medicines will cause no damage to health in any way.

According to the research, medicines used in vitro fertilization treatment do not harm the ovaries.

The age of the woman, the weight of the woman, the quality of the ovary and any anomalies in the uterus.

Additionally, the male sperm quality, obesity, smoking and alcohol consumption.

No. There is no difference in the rate of pregnancy between fresh embryo and frozen embryo. No difference exists between these two methods that will trigger an anomaly in the baby.

IVF treatment in Turkey costs less than in many other countries. In addition, patients can be included in a program without long wait periods. While obese patients are not admitted to the program in the United Kingdom, there is no weight limit in Turkey. Additionally, patients receive more face-to-face attention in Turkey.

Treatment costs in the U.K. are nearly three times higher than the costs in Turkey. The approximate cost is $2,500 in Turkey, while approximately $7,500 in the U.K.

Patients returning to their country after treatment can consult with their local doctors.

It is enough for the patient to visit a doctor once every 3–4 days
Complications within IVF treatments are very unlikely (1/1,000).
The drugs tested on male in vitro fertilization were not found to be successful until now.
Men should abstain from alcohol and cigarettes to increase their sperm quality. Exercises should also be done to combat obesity.
Patients receiving IVF treatment should eat healthy just like everyone else.

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