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Is Obesity a Disease?

Obesity is no longer a cosmetic problem caused by overeating and inability to control
yourself, as has been perceived for many years. Many international organizations,
particularly the World Health Organization, consider obesity as a chronic and progressive disease caused by different environmental, genetic and psychological reasons.

Obesity occurs as a result of excessive fat accumulation in the body. In order to maintain a healthy life without gaining weight, the energy we get with food in a day should be equal to the energy we spend all day. If we take in more than we spend, this extra energy that cannot be spent is stored as fat in the body and causes weight gain, and obesity develops as a result of this persistence for a long time.


Obesity Surgery
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We understand how important having a healthy body is to you and can assure you that we will provide you with the highest standard of obesity treatment.

Our dedicated team will make the process as straightforward, and time-effective, as possible for you, and can advise on all aspects of travel, accommodation, appointment timing and payments.

We can arrange an initial consultation via phone to understand your situation and analyze the most effective treatment plan for your needs, designed to give you the best chance of success.

If you are ready to learn more, check out the six primary steps you can expect during the obesity treatment process.

Fill the contact for below the page.

Our medical team will direct you to the healthcare department you need. Our experienced and multilingual team will request your preliminary health information at the first stage.

Our patient counselor will request the tests and reports you have about your illness, and as soon receiving the information, by evaluating your situation, they will deliver it to our team of doctors to work out the most appropriate treatment plan for you. Within 24 hours at the latest, a treatment protocol will be prepared and delivered to you.

If you do not have previously made tests or a treatment protocol, a process executed worked out and your treatment protocol will be prepared and sent to you within 24 hours at the latest.

Hotel, Flight, Transfers, Hospital and doctor reservations will be made, and the confirmations will be sent to you by e-mail.

After the necessary contracts are signed, our travel consultants and health consultants will prepare your travel plan by making a joint process management. Within the framework of your travel plan, we will always be with you in every step of your journey starting with picking you up from your home to the airport, arranging your flight ticket, welcoming you at Turkey airport with a team speaking your language, checking you in to your hotel and also during your stay at the hospital and the follow-up process. You will never feel alone till you get back to your home. Our multilingual and professional team will serve you with their over 50 years of experience.

Pietra Global representative will be assisting you in all treatment centers, such as Hospital / Clinic / Health Center / Rehabilitation Center, and etc. After your operation and/or the determined treatment period; all your needs related to the operation, from your medicines to your diet, will be determined and prepared by us in advance. If you are traveling with your family members or friends, we will plan all flights, transfers, accommodation and tourism organizations for them as well, if requested by you so.

According to the procedure performed, you will be in our follow-up for the first 4 weeks / 2nd month and 6th month / 1st year in some operations or interventions. The process of regaining your health consists of 3 stages.

The first stage is when you decide on the intervention or operation you will get.

The second stage is about your eligibility for the treatments we will offer, reviewing your diet and habits before the treatment, and getting ready physically and mentally before the operation.

Third stage is when you start your treatment protocol. During your treatment, we will work with the best doctors and hospitals in their field.
Everything you need after the treatment/operation including the proper care, nutrition and habits will be carefully planned and prepared just for you by our doctors in order to achieve the best result.

Your discharge report and health report showing that you can return to your country will be prepared and delivered to you in the language of your country.

The Pietra Global team will pick you up from your hotel / apartment / clinic / health center and drop you off at the airport, and if you wish, the Pietra Global team will be meeting you at the airport of your country and accompany you to your home.


Frequently Asked Questions About Obesity Treatment

Please call our office to get an offer. You can reach our office at +1 312 667 5559 or +90 533 407 99 08 or send an e-mail now [email protected]

Our total body weight consists mainly of muscles, bones, fat tissues and some other components. In males, 15-18% of the total body weight is fat tissue, while the same rate is 20-25% in females. The increase in this percentage over 25% and 30% in males and females, respectively is called obesity. Although the body fat percentage can be accurately calculated with several methods for the diagnosis of obesity, these methods are expensive and time-consuming. Therefore, a practical calculation method called “Body Mass Index” (BMI) is used worldwide. The classification and treatment plans are done according to this calculation.

Obesity is not just only a cosmetic problem, it is rather a chronic disorder affecting several organs and systems. It may cause irregular menstruation, infertility and polycystic ovarian syndrome in females and infertility and erectile dysfunction in males due to its effects on the endocrine system. In addition, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes mellitus, heart diseases, hypertension and hypercholesterolemia, pancreatitis and gallbladder disorders may emerge because of the increased fatty acid levels in the blood. As a result of the physical stress caused by body weight, the patient may complain from sleep problems (sleep apnea syndrome, snoring), dyspnea, joint disorders, and backbone problems.

The most threatening danger is the increased risk of cancer. According to a study conducted in the USA, the risk of cancer is 33% among smokers, while the same risk is 20% among overweight individuals. The most common cancers observed in obesity are breast, uterus, cervix, colon, esophagus, pancreas, and prostate cancers. Furthermore, its negative impact on the psychological condition affects all obese patients.

Several scientific studies conducted worldwide have shown the benefits of weight loss. In light of these studies,

  1. We can suggest the following benefits of weight loss; A 1-kg loss in the body fat provides a 2mmHg decrease in the systolic and 1mmHg decrease in the diastolic blood pressure.
  2. Each 10-kg weight loss means a 10% decrease in the cholesterol level.
  3. Regarding the chronic metabolic diseases, the risk of development of diabetes mellitus is decreased by about 40-60% within 3-4 years if individuals with high risk achieve a moderate weight loss with diet and exercise.
  4. A 1% restriction of the daily energy intake decreases the bodyweight about 0.28kg.

Obesity surgery can be considered in patients, who have a BMI>40kg/m2 or between 35-40kg/m2 concomitant with metabolic diseases like diabetes, hypertension and sleep apnea syndrome and tried lifestyle changes (diet and exercise) without success.

  • Example: Is a person with a height of 165cm and a weight of 120kg a candidate for surgery?
  • Body Mass Index=Weight (kg) / Height (m²)
  • Body Mass Index=120kg / 1.65mx1.65m
  • Body Mass Index = 120 kg / 2.72 m²
  • Body Mass Index = 44.11 kg /m²

This patient has to be classified as “morbidly obese” and they can be considered as a candidate for bariatric surgery if they have previously tried to lose weight with diet and exercise without success.

Obesity surgery provides more permanent and effective metabolic outcomes compared to the outcomes obtained with lifestyle changes, diet, exercise, and medical treatment due to the significant weight loss in a short time. The postoperative morbidity and mortality rates become comparable to the common surgeries like gallbladder surgery or uterus surgery depending on the increased experience of the surgery teams. In scientific studies focused on the efficacy and safety of obesity surgery, the operated and not operated morbidly obese patients are compared and the investigators found out that the mortality risk related to cardiac factors and all factors was higher in the not operated groups.

One of the important factors affecting the short- and long-term success of surgery is good patient preparation. Before surgery, the presence of any metabolic disorder like thyroid gland disorders, Cushing’s syndrome, or obesity-mediated hypertension, sleep apnea syndrome and diabetes should be assessed. In addition, the stomach is examined with endoscopy for gastritis, ulcer, and reflux and surgery is scheduled after the treatment of the detected problems. The abdominal ultrasonography is used for problems like biliary sludge and stones. If these problems are detected, the gallbladder is also removed during surgery.

The total hospitalization in the intensive unit and hospital is approx. 7-10 days depending on the patient’s age, co-morbidities, and general condition after surgery. In patients coming from other cities or countries, we prefer that they stay in Istanbul so that we can monitor them in the first 4-5 days after surgery. During this period, surgical controls are done and the patient is informed about the lifestyle and nutritional issues.
Although the frequency of the follow-up visits is determined according to the co-morbidities by the physician and the patient, it will drop in time.

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