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Health travel agents remain the primary source for people with disabilities to purchase travel and medical assistance products.

How effectively travel agents perform this task is related to the deficiency in catering to the needs of this specialist market. Two causes were identified: attitudinal and structural.

Our success in disabled health tourism relies on our ability to provide products that suit clients’ needs and desires. An understanding of those needs and desires, coupled with deep product knowledge, are implicit in this assertion.

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Barriers represent initial obstacles to be overcome in the sector in which we, as an experienced health tourism agency, have a rich experience to control over these barriers.

The following are a list of these barriers just for an example: architectural barriers, such as steps, accessible washrooms, hotel accommodations, etc.; ecological barriers such as uneven footpaths, tree roots and other exterior obstacles; transportation, especially of the local transport variety including cars, buses and taxicabs; rules or regulations that prohibit people with disabilities from bringing needed equipment with them; communication difficulties both in the individual’s home and at that destination; negative attitudes from service providers, and; inaccurate information.

Health travelers with disabilities must rely, at least in part, on external agents to break down these barriers which we plan and control for each one of our disabled guests.

After filing of the patient application form, we study for the most suitable medical health assistance plan and prepare our offer according to the needs and conditions of the disabled patients determined as per the advice of our medical board.

Disabled Therapy
Disabled Therapy


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