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Geriatric Services / Senior Health in Turkey

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We are able to offer our patients the best possible prices for any type of treatment. Thanks to our role as an active facilitator, we have special price and service agreements with Turkish hospitals.

Our team builds up excellent treatment plans with exceptionally low prices for international patients.

We support both the patient and the medical team throughout the treatment process, help them with reports, translations, documentations and other similar complementary services before and after the treatment, in order to allow our patients recover quickly and travel back to their homes safely.

Enjoying Their Golden Years In Comfort And Peace .

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Procedures of Geriatric Services / Senior Health
in Turkey

Here are the main treatments. If you need any other procedures just call us and we will try to help you 

Vacation Services

Vacation Services

Knowing that all elderly people with or without care need a holiday, we have prepared a comfortable environment suitable for them. We have combined health

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Senior Health Tourism

Throughout the years, the world and European health tourism industry have been recording significant demographic changes, respectively a highly growing number of senior tourists who belong to the so-called Third age group of tourists. Modern senior health tourists have significantly higher expectations than ever before when undertaking a journey, and want a more diversified, top quality health service offer, adapted to their preferences and likings, which will enable them to achieve experience and value for money. One of the specific forms of tourism, which has been developing significantly over the years, is health tourism, towards services of which senior tourists are showing growth attention, all with a goal of improving their health and prolonging their life expectancy. Turkey, as a tourist destination with a very long tradition of providing health tourism services, has developed significantly over the years and is tracking contemporary trends on the senior health tourism as a destination of health and well- being.

Aging of the population increases health care spending as the use of medical care services by adults rises with age. Accordingly, the rising proportion of older people puts upward pressure on overall health care spending in the developed world. Thus, policymakers redesign health care systems and seek alternative solutions. Health Tourism is becoming a high trend for the last decades as an inexpensive and effective way of controlling future health care costs. Turkey has been becoming an attractive country for health tourism, especially for elderly tourism, thanks to its advanced healt-care facilities with high-tech, lower prices, and wellness tourism opportunities as well as favorable climate conditions and rich heritage of history and culture.

Today, four important factors stand out in shaping healthcare policies all over the world. These are elderly populations, chronic diseases, care and treatment costs that are all increasing, and the shortage in human resources in the healthcare sector. Chronologically, WHO set the age of old age at 65. The most important reason why elderly people go to other countries for health reasons is that health services in the countries where they live are expensive, there are long waiting times, some services such as dental treatment are excluded from health insurance coverage, out-of-pocket payment shares are high and some health areas that require advanced expertise such as oncology, cardiology, orthopedics are quite costly in their own countries. Turkey has the potential to challenge competing countries not only with its geographical location, but also with its high quality compared to other countries, the delivery of low-cost healthcare services, with its many accredited institutions, private group hospitals that are specialized in oncology, ophthalmology and etc., and the staff of physicians specialized in advanced health technology. One of the most important reasons for the patients in preferring Turkey is the fact that they can receive high quality services with more affordable prices in Turkey compared to the countries where they live.

The reason behind the citizens of the USA, Germany, Britain, the Netherlands and France going to other countries for healthcare reasons is the fact that health care can be very expensive in their home countries. When U.S. and European cost criteria are taken to compare for the same intervention or treatment; it is found that while the cost in Turkey is around 50-65% cheaper compared to the ones in USA, it is 35-60% cheaper compared to the services offered in European countries. One of the most important triggers and competitive factors in the growth of the health tourism market is the accreditation of health tourism service institutions by internationally accepted organizations. In 1999, Joint Commission International, also called JCI, launched international accreditation services in the United States. As of the end of 2018, approximately 1041 hospitals and clinics in the world have JCI certificates.

Geriatric Services / Senior Health
Geriatric Services / Senior Health

There are 43 health institutions with JCI certificates in Turkey

On top of that, Turkey also offers holidays for the elderly including recreational, fun, social activities and more along with the healthcare services they can receive…

Turkey is a great opportunity for complementary and supportive activities with its appropriate infrastructures.

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