Thermal Health Tourism in Turkey

Turkey is a famous country with its curative thermal springs.

Thermal springs carry healing properties for many illnesses, and they are clean, healthy, and eco-friendly.


For centuries, people have been coming here and going home more beautiful

Thermal waters in Turkey are approved by the Ministry of Health to cure rheumatism aches, chronic inflammatory sickness, spasm, fracture-luxation pains, gynecological diseases, dermatologic diseases, and kidney diseases.

In Turkey, including the Tuzla district of the historic city Istanbul, Afyon province that is located in the south part of the country and famous Pamukkale (Hierapolis), there are plenty of districts all over the country that are among the hot spring treatment spots which are good at strengthening the immune system with its healing effect on rheumatology and skin diseases. Spas also have healing effects on various diseases, including tophus, inflammation, tissue rheumatisms, lumbago and neck pain, psoriasis, eczema, acne, varicose veins, post-paralysis and post-myocardial infarction treatment. Visitors also benefit from anti-aging, anti-stress, anti-obesity treatments.

In general, it is possible to list the benefits of thermal water as follows: It can be used to support the treatment of respiratory diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, allergic upper respiratory tract disorders, shortness of breath. Skin disorders such as psoriasis, eczema, acne, Calcification, hernia, rheumatic disorders can also be listed that benefit from thermal waters.

Attraction of the natural thermal water

Thermal waters, which are also beneficial for rheumatic diseases and circulatory system problems, are a source of healing. In addition to rheumatic diseases, thermal waters are also used as an auxiliary treatment for many health problems such as obstetrics, nephritis, neuralgia, allergies, skin diseases.

Under-ground spring waters, being one of the most valuable gifts that nature offers to humanity, are known for their effects that provide healing, health and comfort to people in different ways according to their content and usage methods. The waters rising from the crust of the earth orb and geothermally hot are generally called thermals. The history of the areas where thermal water is used is quite old.

Thermal water usage areas, which are also defined as hot spring and power bath, are combined with the comfort of hotels today. The hot spring is the general name of the facilities established in the regions where there are thermal waters that come out of the ground in its simplest form and can be used in supportive treatments due to the minerals it contains. The main difference between thermal hotels and spas is that today’s modern hotel concept is successfully blended with spa logic. In Turkey, spas are generally seen as the preferred places for people of middle age and above to take a holiday in winter. Thermal hotels change the understanding of this concept and allows people from all ages to have a pleasant holiday in all seasons of the year and to benefit from the positive effects of medicinal thermal waters.


Thermal Resort Therapy
Thermal Resort Therapy

Thermal & Spa

The thermal spring water is a unique source of health that is rich in minerals and is available in an indoor pool without any chemical processing. Our exclusive hotels offers natural healing waters in a sterile and pleasant environment for your health and beauty.

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The purpose of accommodation in thermal hotels can be to receive supportive treatment from the hot springs, while also enjoying “to take a holiday that will pamper themselves.

Considering the exhausting effects of the cities that have become particularly crowded in recent years, the concept of wellness has come more to the forefront. Implementations aiming to provide wellness or wellbeing which make a person feel healthier, fit, energetic and enjoyable are just some of the services offered by five-star hotels and establishments in Turkey.

Who chooses Pietra Global for Thermal Care

Non-inflammatory rheumatic patients
Broken Secretions
Circulatory system disorders
Urinary tract disorders and gallstones
Skin diseases
Healing of postoperative wounds
Obstetrics and infertility
Various paralysis
Muscle diseases and atrophies


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