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Gürgan Clinic

Mustafa Kemal Mah. 2124 Cadde No: 4 Çankaya / ANKARA


Mustafa Kemal Mah. 2124 Cadde No: 4 Çankaya / ANKARA

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The planning and application of first IVF treatment is very important. The success rate of an IVF treatment, overlooking the conditions mentioned in this booklet can be low. Also, miscarriage rate can increase.

Please do not forget that every unsuccessful trial decreases success ratio of subsequent treatments.

You can be demoralized, loose confidence, experience anger, anxiety and fear after two or more unsuccessful treatments. Considering the financial burden of the treatments, you can experience difficulties and give up. You can condemn yourself to infertility, even if you had chance.

You either win or loose at your first treatment. Recommendations from
Prof Dr. Timur Gürgan

• Choose the centre which will provide an exclusive treatment in accordance wih latest scientific data and latest technological developments.
• Do a research about treatments and assistance options that can help you get pregnant without IVF. Your aim should be having a healthy baby by all means.
• IVF should be applied to eliminate obstacles for pregnancy and increase your pregnancy rate during the treatment period.
• It is necessary not loose your confidence after an unfavorable result. If your treatment is exclusive, you are satisfied with the institution and you have confidence, you should repeat treatment at the same institution to increase your chance of pregnancy.
• Do not decide and rush into treatment thinking that it is the last chance for you. First, get a consultation and evaluate the options.
• Allow of the most suitable treatment option offered for your specific reason of infertility, considering your age, level of ovary reserve, psychological and financial condition.
• Do not forget that receiving treatment when your concentration and motivation is the highest and your stress is the lowest will be a success factor.
• Be aware that your doctor and the treatment provider institution share your goal.

Healthy Pregnancy and Healthy Baby

• Please remember that, science can support you with some important improvements, but these applications are limited to certain success probabilities.
• All the applications included in Balancing Concept can be useful. But neither of these are magic solutions.
• Do research about new techniques, decide their future contribution to your success, and adjust your expectations accordingly.

Each application can be performed either separately or with other applications as a combined treatment by a doctor or embryologist, based on results of preevaluation of couple.It has to be accepted that every couple has different needs for treatment. You will be able to find a treatment for your need, derived from technological applications and scientific data.

As Gürgan Clinic, our aim is to provide a treatment method closest to natural one. The only matter is pregnancy without treatment.

• Our centre is an IVF unit which is organized as a hospital.
• We have a mutual agreement with Turkish Social Security System to provide support for couples who are eligable according to IVF Regulations.
• We provide transportation and accomodation assistance if requested.
• The best possible treatment procedure is planned for your shortest stay in Ankara.
• The ethical, moral, economic, rules forced by law are respected at the highest level.

Call or connect online today to schedule your appointment for a consultation and treatment plan to support your health in the best way possible.

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