Kumsal Elderly Care Center

Kumsal Elderly Care Center

Mimarsinan Mahallesi Prof. Muammer Aksoy Caddesi No:73 Silivri – İstanbul


Mimarsinan Mahallesi Prof. Muammer Aksoy Caddesi No:73 Silivri – İstanbul

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Research and statistics show that the average life expectancy in our country, especially in the western region, will gradually increase and the elderly population will increase. Increasing the quality of life of our elders, defined as the elderly population, will be our priority.

It is the wish of every individual to live in the best possible way at any age. As Kumsal Elderly Care Center, our goal is to ensure that elderly people receive higher quality services in vital activities, health, treatment, social activities, accommodation, entertainment and education. We have prepared a special living space for these individuals who require special attention and experience. A living space of high standards where you can swim and sunbathe in a peaceful environment by the sea, relax in the garden, have pleasant conversations and play games with their peers in social areas, read books in their rooms with the sound of waves, and host their guests in the comfort of home.

Kumsal Elderly Care Center; with 17 years of experience, fully equipped units, reliable expert staff, social facility, private therapy center and its location in nature, it offers a completely different experience in elderly care.

Kumsal; with its peace, nature, safe environment and home comfort, is now waiting for you.

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