3D Facial Rejuvenation

3D Facial Rejuvenation

We should not see the adipose tissue, which is one of the richest stem cell sources in our body, as a simple filling process aimed at reducing lines. In addition to a volumetric rejuvenation with the oil injection applied to some very specific areas on our face, we also obtain effects such as stretching in areas like the corner of the mouth and its surroundings, chin contour, neck. In other words, with the right technique and fat injection to the right places;

  1. Lifting your nose tip,
  2. Raising your eyebrows,
  3. Lifting your cheeks,
  4. Treatment of lip edge sag,
  5. Treatment of sagging on chin skin,
  6. Treatment of neck sagging are possible.

No incision is required to be made in the skin. It is performed in 30-45 minutes under local anesthesia. This technique allows you to return to your normal life without the need to stay in the hospital after your surgery.

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