Mind – Body Balancing

mind-body balancing

The male and the female should be evaluated individually considering age, sperm and also ovarian functions as well as the hormonal status. Consequently, a treatment plan should be put in order considering the previous/current diseases (if any), thorough investigation, results, and responses to treatment(s) without ignoring the psychological, social, and economical status of the couple.

Women’s and men’s psychologies, perspectives on the problem of childlessness, their attribution to or rejection of their male and female identity; the psychological pressures created by their social and economic circles could negatively affect the relations of the couple with each other and their feelings towards each other. Taking all these emotions’ possible negative effect on pregnancy into consideration, couple should be taken into mind and body balancing program.

Approximately 40% of couples cease to continue infertility treatment after an unsuccessful treatment cycle due to financial problems or stress exerted by the treatment itself. Many couples that could achieve healthy babies are unfortunately condemned to childlessness due to the hopelessness. The Mind – Body Balancing program, therefore, is aimed and specifically designed to minimize treatment rejection for the patients own benefit.

Following unsuccessful attempts, the couple that is in a sad, reactive, disgruntled and hopeless situation should be motivated, persuaded to try again, their anxiety and fears should be removed, and their confidence must be rebuilt.
Our brain has the ability to rule over all our cells, including reproductive cells. The hormonal systems in our body work in a certain order and harmony through stimulant hormones secreted from the brain. In cases where this compliance is impaired, the chance of pregnancy decreases. Fear, anxiety, panic and lack of confidence are the enemies of successful treatment.

Methods Applied For This Purpose

• Mind-body balancing program
• Stress and anxiety reduction techniques
• Troubleshoot family problems
• Sexual therapy to relieve sexual dysfunctions
• Acupuncture
• Psychologist support
• Balanced diet, and use of probiotics and food supplements

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