Patient Care For People With Tracheostomy, Colostomy And Peg


Tracheostomy is the process of providing airway opening by creating a hole in the trachea from the neck with a surgical method in order to support breathing and provide airway clearance in cases of respiratory distress. Tracheostomy is applied to the patient in a hospital environment and under sterile conditions by the physician. The tracheostomy site is an open area, and it is very important to protect it against infection, so it is very important to keep it clean and apply dressing accordingly.

PEG, on the other hand, is the placement of a tube through the abdominal wall into the stomach in order to feed patients who cannot be fed orally. Following the placement of the tube, it is dressed and covered with an antiseptic solution and gauze.


  • Full-time institutional physician service, 
  • Consultant specialist physician service  
  • 24-hour nurse and elderly care personnel service, monitoring of regularly used medicines  
  • Personal food and nutrition menu, 
  • Personal care 
  • Psychological support and control, 
  • Social activities 
  • Hobby activities
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