It is the most common aesthetic operation in our country and in the world. The nose in the middle of our face is a remarkable organ of ours. According to a study, when people encounter each other, contrary to common belief, they primarily pay attention to their nose, not their eyes. However, this 1-2 second gaze occurs completely unconsciously.

What kind of procedures can be done in nose aesthetics?

The nose is the first place where the air carried to our lungs passes through and the problems in this passage can affect all organs of the person. Under normal conditions, the air entering through the two nostrils is connected to both bronchus via the trachea and the air entering through the right nostril goes mostly to our right lung and the air entering through the left nostril goes mostly to the left lung. Based on this anatomical information, your nasal obstruction will affect the functioning of your organs such as the lungs and heart over time.

What are the causes of nasal congestion? What is septum deviation? How is it treated?

The curvature of the structure, which is in the midline of the nose, separating the two nostrils, consisting of cartilage in the front and bone in the back, is called “septum deviation”. This is one of the major breathing problems that could be treated by surgical methods. It can be performed alone or together with rhinoplasty surgery.

Depending on the deviation.

  • The inclined part can be removed,
  • The inclined part can be repaired, it’s angle can be corrected,
  • After the inclined part is removed, procedures such as cartilage grafts (patch) and reconstruction can be performed.

If you have septum deviation in your nose and want to change the shape of the nose at the same time, deviation and rhinoplasty surgery is one of the basic topics of the plastic and reconstructive surgery specialty. ,

Conchal Hypertrophy

This situation which we frequently encounter is the phenomenon of enlargement and swelling of the structure which is rich in blood walls normally located on both inner side walls of the nose and creates obstruction of the respiratory tract. It is a condition that often accompanies deviation.

The treatment is based on the reduction of the swollen turbinate by radiofrequency method. In some cases, it might be necessary to remove the concha bone structures located underneath the mucosal layer or change its position.

When should nose surgery be performed?

Facial bone development is completed around the age of 18. Therefore, we generally do not recommend performing any nasal aesthetics before this age. However, the age of surgery may be earlier in a situation that affects the health of our patient negatively and seriously such as advanced septum deviation which causes breathing problems.

What are the techniques in aesthetic nose surgery?

It can be divided into two techniques, open and closed.

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