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There is a vein–nerve package in the middle-area of the tooth that begins from the crown and ends at the end of the root called pulp. This gives vitality to the tooth. Sometimes, due to deep decays, occlusal trauma or periodontological problems, pulp may be damaged or create inflammation if the microorganisms join the picture as well. In this situation damaged pulp must be extirpated, pulp chamber must be cleaned, re-shaped, disinfected and filled three dimensionally with a root canal filling material. This is called root canal treatment. With the root canal treatment, the tooth loses its vitality, doesn’t sense the cold or hot; but it allows us to keep the tooth in the mouth and can perform eating and chewing. You have no pain during the treatment. We use enough amount of anesthesia for the treatment. After the treatment, it is possible to have little pain during eating and chewing for a while. The root canal treatment doesn’t take too much time to perform. If the tooth is still vital and if it’s a one visit treatment, it takes around one hour. If the tooth has inflammation, then the treatment requires more than one visit and each visit takes mostly half an hour. All in all, root canal treatment is not a painful and a difficult treatment if your doctor is an experienced endodontist specialized in root canal treatment.

Root canal treatment process (step by step)

Turkish dentists can start root canal treatment immediately. After anesthetizing the inside of the mouth, dental caries are cleaned and root canals can be opened on the same day. After determining the length of the canal by taking an x-ray, the contents of the root canals (pulp tissue) are removed and cleaned. After shaping the root canals using various tools and disinfection of the root canals, it is purified from microorganisms. Filling root canals is also a short and painless procedure.

Vacation packages that include root canal treatment

Health and tourism together in Turkey! Moreover, it is almost impossible to find a country where you can experience a better health tourism. The main thing in health tourism is the treatment and other accommodation/holiday facilities are arranged in order to make the patients comfortable and to evaluate their time during the treatment process.

Root canal treatment side effects

Root canal treatment does not have any side effects. Mild pain or tenderness may occur after the procedures to be applied, but it is temporary. If there is pain when biting or spontaneously, it has been an unsuccessful treatment. For this reason, the most important point in this visit for health is to have full confidence in your doctor and the place you apply.

Root Canal FAQs

You can find frequently asked questions about Root Canal

Istanbul and Ankara are popular cities for dental treatments. However, since Istanbul is more preferred due to tourism, you are likely to experience more comfortable and reliable processes. It will be easier for you to find doctors with higher professionalism and experience for health tourism in Istanbul.

Turkish dentists have become known around the world and this has brought Turkey to the top of health tourism. Root canal treatment is a procedure that takes a short time, but requires expertise and finesse. It is very rare to experience side effects or to leave with an unsuccessful treatment in Turkey. You can go back to your country with pleasure by completing your treatment in a very short time by choosing doctors who are reliable and equipped with the latest technologies. In addition, you can create unforgettable memories for yourself by enjoying your travel in Turkey during your treatment.

Turkey is a very successful country in health tourism. Even during the Covid-19 process, 1 million 300 thousand people preferred Turkey for their health treatments in 2020. Turkish doctors and hospitals work with the latest technology. Turkish doctors have begun to be widely recognized, especially in the European region, and in the last 20 years, Turkey has become one of the top countries for health.

Root canal treatment prices vary according to the number of root canal and other problems in the mouth. It is a progressive process by sharing with you the methods to eliminate the disorders, together with the diagnoses to be made by specialist dentists. It is useful to go to reliable dentists! You should work with specialist dentists to avoid problems in the treatment and subsequent process.

Root canal treatment varies according to the condition of the teeth, but usually ends in a single session (up to 1 hour). In some possible cases, 2 sessions may be required. Therefore, you do not need to take a long trip for your dental health. You can even handle it in 2-3 working days and return to your country happily.

– Children under the age of 12 are exempted from vaccination certificate applications with a PCR/Antigen test report when they enter Turkey.

– Tourists who will enter Turkey through all border gates can be subjected to PCR testing by the Ministry of Health. PCR test results are available within 1 hour. If you have had your test done in your country within 3 days, this is a valid document.

– If the test results of the tourists are positive, they are treated in line with the “Ministry of Health Kovid-19 Guide”.

– Persons with close contact with people whose test results are positive (at the addresses they determine) will be isolated for 14 days and if the PCR test results to be performed at the end of the 10th day are negative, the isolation conditions will be terminated.


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