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Beautiful teeth and a beautiful smile can make so many positive effects on one’s life. With smile design procedure, people appear not only young and beautiful, but also more self-confident. It means a nice smile ‘can change’ your life. Self-confidence improves communication with other people and brings a better career prospect to your business life.

Smile design combines all dental procedures to renew your smile as you desire and imagine. It’s planned and implemented in a personalized manner, by aiming to reach the best result possible for every individual. By combining medicine and art, whiter and more beautiful-looking smiles are created.

We generally use porcelain laminas, zirconia crowns, bonding, and whitening treatments. It is important to check and decide accordingly. We take many photos and videos before we decide on the treatment and have a better understanding of what you want and expect. We share these with the technician we work together. We also transfer the photos to computer and by using a smile design program, we design a new smile for you and share it with you. Then we transfer this smile to your mouth with a temporary crown material. After we make the finetuning on it, if you are happy with this smile, we take its photo and send it to produce the porcelain of it.

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