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What Does Stem Cells Do?

All of us have stem cells in our bodies. Our stem cells are the cells named pluripotent, all of which have the potential to transform into the properties of the area where they are transferred. According to recent studies, the fat tissue around the abdomen has the richest stem cells in our body.

In Which Areas the Stem Cells Are Used in Aesthetics Surgery?

In recent years, we have made great progress in stem cell applications, in particular for:


Treatment of Hair Loss

Treatment of Scars

Face Contouring (High Light Effect)

Jawline Reshaping

Filling of Cheekbones

Non-Surgical Breast Surgery

Non-Surgical Butt Lift (Brazilian Butt Lift – BBL)

Removal of Nose Deformities (Nose Correction)

Liquid Facelift

Lip Augmentation

Hand Aesthetics

Leg Aesthetics

What Is the Life of Stem Cells?

Although the persistence of our stem cells varies from person to person. If you are a big fan of wellness and healthy food, if you aren’t a smoker and consume alcohol responsibly, and if you don’t have any chronic disease, the active life of your stem cells may be longer.

Anti-Aging with Stem Cell

With time and environmental factors, loss of elasticity, shine and moisture occur on our skin which turns into wrinkles and lines on our face. However stem cell therapy can help you in stopping these effects.

The treatment can be applied to all skin types, and it is applied under the skin with both subcutaneous injection and roller application. After the application, there might be swelling and bruising that last 2-3 days on the injection sites which can be hidden with a concealer and/or foundation very easily.

Hair Loss Treatment with Stem Cell

Very similar to the hair PRP that is applied to the patients’ hair, treatment with stem cells from your own body, especially on the hair area has begun to give desired effects on the hair area which began to fall. If you don’t have any underlying disease, your stem cell can be the most appropriate method for you. However, if baldness has begun, it can be used as a supportive method for hair transplantation.

Scar Treatment with Stem Cell

Stem cell therapy has been an extremely successful method in treating past scar marks, such as acne scars, traces of surgery or burn marks. To achieve better results, with subcutaneous stem cell injection, the skin is stimulated from the skin surface and removed the upper layer (dermabrasion and microdermabrasion) allows obtaining maximum effect simultaneously.

Face Contouring (Cheekbone)

You can achieve ideal face measurements with tiny touches. When we see a picture which is placed on the wall in an asymmetrical way, it may make us feel uncomfortable and perhaps the correction of a very small detail of defect may make more effect than you imagine.

For example, when your cheekbones are flattened by your chin and nose, the application of stem cells and fat to your cheeks can also balance by the proportion on your face.

Jawline Shaping

Orthodontic problems from infanthood and childhood period in the lower and upper jaw are way more common problems than we think. Nowadays, the awareness of these types of problems has increased even more with the increase in the awareness of the dentists. When we look at the Hollywood stars, we find their faces beautiful and attractive. We observe that there is an imaginary line, the base of which resembles an opposite triangle ending on the eyebrows.

If your mentum looks like a square,

If your lower lips are backwards compared to your upper lips,

If you have jowl while talking in your jaw, you will probably have a great result after jawline treatment.

Top Model Look / High-Light Effect

Especially in recent days, this word actually means the following: When we take a selfie, we prefer to take the light side of our profile picture when you see the nice shape of the cheek and the parallel downside of the chin which we see from the light side profile. With stem cell and fat injection, we can achieve this image with a small treatment from your own fat tissue.

Non-Surgical Breast Aesthetics

In cases where we need breast augmentation, we can enlarge your breast size by using a fat-enriched injection from the stem cell that we obtain from our own fat tissue as an alternative to implant. Although it doesn’t last for a lifetime like an implant, you can decide on the advantages and disadvantages of both techniques and pick the suitable one for you by discussing it with your plastic surgery specialist.

Non-Surgical Buttock AestheticsBrazilian Butt (Brazilian Butt Lift – BBl) – Butt Lift

It is also possible to enlarge your stems or to just steep them by enriching the fats that we receive from the region we call bagels around the waist, rich with stem cells. You should use the special corset that you are recommended for about 3-4 weeks after the procedure without any surgery marks.

Nose Reshaping and Nose Deformation Removal (Nose Correction)

If you’ve had a nose operation before and if you need a revision or if you have not had nose surgery before but if there is a chance of recovery without surgery, we can make minor changes in your nose with your own stem cell. For example:

We can remove several irregularities on your nose bridge,

We can lift your nose tip,

We can work on external nose asymmetries.

Facelift With Stem Cell (Liquid Face Lift)

When we look at the anatomical aspect of the lower layers of our face, it doesn’t only consist of layers. In fact, our ligament and fascia which gives these layers a good look and prevents the winds in our face. Over time, these supports begin to get loose and start sagging. At this point, the liquid face lift or non-surgical face lift can be implemented through strengthening injections by way of which the desired size and elasticity are regained.

Lip Augmentation with Stem Cell

We can use two types of products for lip augmentation. One of them is the filler materials with hyaluronic acid and the other is the stem cells that we get from your body’s fat tissue. When the traces of age appear on our faces, our lips will also suffer from collagen and elastic fiber loss and their quality deteriorates. In both methods, the best way to prevent this deterioration may vary from person to person and it is recommended to get the opinion of a plastic surgery specialist to decide the most appropriate method for you.

Hand Aesthetics

Contrary to popular belief, age is the most important face of the hand. With the age of the sputtering on the back of the hand and the deepening of the groove between the bones of the hand can make us look older than we are. We can achieve a younger appearance with fat injection between the bones of fingers.

Leg Aesthetics

The fatty inner face of our knees may look like bandy legs which make us unhappy. Wearing ankle boots could be uncomfortable. With these fatty knees, a combination of tiny liposuction for the fatty areas and fat injection with enriched stem cells could result with a more aesthetic appearance of legs.

This page content is for informational purposes only. For diagnosis and treatment, you should consult your doctor.

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