Thyroid Gland Diseases

Thyroid Gland

Thyroid Gland

The thyroid is a small but powerful organ and secretes the hormones T3 and T4, which work on balancing our metabolism. The deficiency or excess of these hormones can cause our metabolism to work faster or slower than normal. Less work creates problems such as fatigue, weakness, chills, hair loss, weight gain, menstrual irregularity and even difficulty in getting pregnant. Overwork of the thyroid gland manifests itself with sudden weight loss, heart palpitations, tremors in the hands, sweating, irritability, muscle weakness, weakness, difficulty sleeping.


All thyroid diseases are called goiter, whether it is a toxic disease that develops due to the functions of the thyroid gland or hypothyroidism that occurs due to incomplete functioning or nodular disease with lumps.

Thyroid Cancer

Patients with thyroid cancer usually refer to the physician with problems such as the appearance of swelling in the neck or sudden enlargement of the existing goiter, the emergence of neck lymph node swelling and hoarseness. Thyroid cancers are clinically more aggressive, especially under the age of 20 and over the age of 60. We know four main types of thyroid cancer: papillary, follicles. medullary and anaplastic thyroid cancers.

Thyroid Cancer Operation

Treatment of thyroid cancer is surgical and can be curative. The technique used in surgical treatment is the removal of the entire thyroid gland, which we call total thyroidectomy. If there is involvement in the lymph nodes, the lymph node areas in the middle and side of the neck are removed together and cleaned. In recent years, it has been recommended to routinely remove the lymph nodes in the middle neck region with or without involvement in thyroid cancers.

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