The vaginal entrance is covered by the inner lips. It is a tube-shaped genital structure with a very special texture with stretching and contraction features, which can vary in length and width between individuals.

Its most important feature is to provide sexual intercourse and act as a birth canal by changing its anatomical and physiological characteristics during normal labor.

To Whom Is Vaginoplasty Surgery Applied?

During normal birth, the vagina stretches and expands, and tears may occur in the vaginal wall as the baby’s head passes. After difficult births and repetitive births, permanent deterioration of the elastic structure of the vagina may occur. In this case, it may cause results such as not getting mutual pleasure during the intercourse.

Or, in some cases, the vagina may also lose its elastic structure without giving birth at all.

Is Vaginoplasty Surgery Painful?

Vaginoplasty is an operation that takes about 1 hour under general anesthesia. During this operation, the vaginal wall, which has lost its flexibility, can be tightened, and narrowed. At the same time, the vaginal entrance can be narrowed if needed. Pain control is performed using routine painkillers after surgery. You can be discharged after being under observation for 3-4 hours postoperatively.

When Is Sexual Intercourse Allowed After Vaginoplasty?

Vaginal mucosa generally has fast healing properties. However, after the doctor’s control, sexual intercourse can start at an average of 3 weeks.

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