Zircon Bridges & Dentures

Zircon Bridges & Dentures

Although zirconia crowns are categorized as ceramic crowns, they are made of zirconium dioxide which is a very durable type of titanium.

One of the biggest advantages of zirconia is its strength and durability. Consider how much force your back teeth exert on the food that you chew. Your crowns need to be made of strong material, so zirconia is a good choice for crowns in the back of your mouth. Also, thanks to the strength nature of zirconia, your dentist doesn’t have to spare so much time and effort on the preparation of your teeth.


Another important advantage of zirconia is its biocompatibility. Zirconia is the choice of many dentists for its biocompatibility which makes it less likely to provoke the body into a reaction or immunological responses like inflammation. It is not toxic or allergic.

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