Balancing Concept

Balancing Concept

It is known that around 1.5 million couples in our country face with problems related to having children at any time and period and they may have to get assistance on this issue. While important social, psychological, and economic problems await couples who cannot have children at any time they want, problems should be found and resolved with current scientific diagnosis and treatment methods in a short period of time.

Sensitive balances play a role in having children for a couple. If any of these balances are impaired, there may be delays in the conception of the couple by spontaneous or assisted reproductive techniques, or pregnancy may not occur at all.

With Balancing Concept implemented by Prof. Timur GÜRGAN and his team, the factors that play key roles in achieving a healthy baby is examined one by one in order to the determine where the problem is. Identified problem(s) are then eliminated by using several methods in light of current scientific knowledge and up-to-date technology to achieve pregnancy.

Fields That Are Part Of A Balancing Concept Treatment

  1. Mind-Body Balancing
  2. Sperm Balancing
  3. Egg Balancing
  4. Embryo Balancing
  5. Genetic Balancing
  6. Uterine membrane (endometrium) balancing
  7. IVF Center (IVF Center, which can provide current, scientific, and techno- logical treatment with a team specialized in its field)


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