Antalya: “Attracts Itself 10 Million Tourists Every Year From Various Countries.”

Antalya 10 Million Tourists Every Year

When it comes to tourism in Turkey, Antalya occupies an important place, due to the fact that the city attracts itself 10 million tourists every year from various countries. The city having a top airport is easily accessible from most of the major cities in whole region within 4 hours. Being a favorable tourism destination   for recreational and leisure purpose, Antalya is now becoming a center of medical tourism attracting many of those from various countries who seek high quality medical treatment.

Along with JCI accredited top hospitals, Antalya welcomes  international patients from whole surrounding regions. Antalya hospitals have recently succeeded remarkable achievements in medicine  even marking Antalya as a medical center of Turkey.

Some achievements of Antalya in Medicine:

A double arms transplantation was succesfuly performed in in Antalya, Sep,2010.

The world’s first uterus transplantation from a cadaver was performed in Antalya Aug, 2011.

Turkey’s first face transplatation was performed in Antalya Jan 2012.

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