Why is Turkey the best country for dental tourism?

dental tourism

The mouth is the beginning of the digestive system and all food is taken orally. Problems in the mouth should be shown to specialist physicians and treated. Moreover, many diseases such as bad breath are caused by dental caries and cleaning should be given importance. Having a healthy mouth and teeth gives a pleasant appearance, allowing the person to act comfortably in situations such as speaking and laughing, and thus provides self-confidence. In recent years, our country has attracted attention from Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, England and some Arab countries. Turkey is successfully rising in the field of dentistry with implant and aesthetic dentistry applications.

The high cost of dental treatment abroad allows the citizens of this country to come to Istanbul for dental treatments and to be treated together with their holidays.

Health tourism is developing rapidly because a tourist coming to Istanbul understands that the sum of expenses such as accommodation, flight and dental treatment is less than the cost of only dental treatment in any European country. Patients coming with dental tourism leave with pleasure from Turkey, which fascinates with its historical, geographical and natural beauty.

  • Why is Turkey the best country for dental tourism?

Turkey is among the top 10 countries in the world in the field of health tourism.

Technological developments in the field of dentistry in the last 10 years and the rapid adaptation of our country’s dentists to renewing and developing technologies have also caused our country’s dentistry to come to the fore in the world.

Turkey is one of the leading countries in terms of health tourism due to the fact that our dental health facilities are in European standards, the competence of our physicians and the treatment costs are cheap.

In addition, every comfort of patients coming from abroad is considered. Patients who are already dealing with health problems do not think about other details and start their treatment directly.

Patients who leave Turkey after being treated and leave satisfied also refer others to Turkey, thus increasing the volume of growth in health tourism.

  • Why is dental treatment in Turkey so cheap?

It is a fact that patients see that dental treatment prices are lower if they travel to Turkey. Not only for heavy dental treatments, but also for tooth whitening, smile design and even other cosmetic treatments such as crowns, bridges and prostheses, Turkey offers a low cost and therefore high savings advantage compared to other countries. It is also an inevitable fact that waiting times are almost nonexistent.

On the other hand, the growth of dental tourism in Turkey is not only dependent on price; the industry also relies on dentists to maintain high standards to maintain a good reputation. More than half a million tourists visit the country each year for medical treatment, including dental treatment and cosmetic surgery.

Considering the exchange rates, the treatment fees paid in Turkish Lira are quite affordable for international customers.

  • How to find the best place for dental tourism in Turkey?

You can review dental tourism brochures in Turkey and search for the best dental health centers. Coming to a dental holiday in Turkey, getting your teeth done at affordable prices and enjoying the holiday will make you very happy, but you should be careful because you do not know the clinic you choose. We offer our patients all kinds of treatments and the best prices.

We offer dental treatments to our patients at extremely low prices by our professional team. In addition to their experience in aesthetic dentistry, our team helps our patients in every way after the treatment. You should consider the latest technologies and modern dental treatment methods.

  • Why do people pick Turkey for dental holidays?

The demand for dental tourism in Turkey continues to increase rapidly day by day. The demands are very high especially for dental treatments such as implant, zirconium, tooth whitening, aesthetic tooth filling, laminate veneer, root canal treatment and composite bonding. The high level of dentistry education in Turkey and the use of the latest technologies increase the level of trust.

Aesthetic dental surgeries, dental holiday packages and getting new teeth are very comfortable processes in Turkey. Turkish dentists state that in addition to the comfort of treatment processes, Turkey is also very attractive in terms of tourism.

  • Are Turkish dentists safe?

The best Turkish dentists are those who specialize in their fields and are open to innovation. In Turkey, there is a strict education system given according to technological innovations. You will receive braces, veneers, implants, dental veneers and all kinds of care by our experienced and expert doctors, with a comfortable process. It is very easy to get the best dentistry in Turkey. It will be very easy for you to have confidence because dental health centers are supervised by the state and continue in the context of checks.

  • What are the costs for dental care in Turkey?

There may be different prices for each treatment, each request and the characteristics of each patient. Prices vary, as treatments are different from each other and demands are different. Our team offers the best treatments in Turkey for international patients at extremely low prices. Before you come to Turkey for your dental holiday, you can contact us and get the relevant information. Treatments such as veneers, dental implants, full mouth dental implants, teeth whitening, braces and root canals are some of our frequently asked treatments.

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