Health Tourism and Obesity Surgery in Turkey

obesity surgery

Turkey is on its way to becoming a world brand in medical obesity surgeries.

The inability of people to lose their excess weight through diet and sports, and the fact that excess weight causes diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and heart diseases lead to gastric reduction surgery. Obesity continues to be one of the most important chronic diseases spreading rapidly on a global scale. The problem of overweight, which negatively affects the health of not only adults but also children, can occur for many different reasons.

In general, obesity, which can be defined as excessive fat accumulation in the body as a result of consuming more calories than one spends, cannot always be controlled by diets or exercise programs that are adapted. Bariatric surgery procedures in Turkey have extremely successful rates and meticulously maintained processes.

  • Why is obesity surgery necessary?

Since many secondary diseases may accompany the overweight problem in people who cannot lose weight with their own efforts, bariatric surgery can become the most effective solution.

It has been observed that the risk of coronary artery disease, stroke and peripheral heart disease decreases if excess weight is lost after weight loss surgeries. As a result of scientific studies, it has been shown that the possibility of stroke, high blood pressure and myocardial infarction in people decreases thanks to weight loss. With the decrease of blood pressure and cholesterol levels to normal or close to normal levels, patients’ cardiovascular health improves and their comfort of life increases.

  • Why do people choose Turkey for health tourism?

Success in losing weight is directly proportional to the patient’s compliance with the diet and exercise program after the surgery. Even if you return to your country after your health trip in Turkey, you will always be under control and safe by our doctors.

It is vital to measure vitamin and mineral values in the blood at certain periods before and after the surgery. These comprehensive evaluations are essential both for the operation not to pose risks and for the patient’s quality of life to be good after the operation. Bariatric surgery in Turkey does not only end with surgery and the process continues until you regain your full health.

Thanks to a series of reforms in the health sector in Turkey, the quality and efficiency of the health system has been increased. Turkey; It provides services at European standards with its modern hospitals, trained manpower, specialist doctors, technological infrastructure and experience.

Turkey is a center of attraction in terms of Health Tourism with its geographical location, health institutions it has, trained and educated manpower in the sector, spas and natural beauties. With both its historical and cultural richness and its level of development in the field of health, Turkey is among the ten most popular countries in the world.

  • Are Turkish doctors reliable?

Obesity surgery is emerging as a surgical procedure that is performed more and more frequently, especially sleeve gastrectomy. For this reason, there are some points that should be done before and after the surgery and attention should be paid to the patients who will have this type of surgery, in order not to pose a danger to the operation and not to deteriorate the quality of life after the operation. Turkish surgeons keep up with developing technologies and methods. You will leave Turkey happier, healthier and lighter during and after the operation, which you will undergo in the hands of the latest technologies and experienced doctors. Moreover, every situation is considered by the hospital for your comfort in the post-operative period.

  • Why is health tourism so cheap in Turkey?

World countries recognize Turkey as a new health partner and emerging medical tourism center. By combining its medical and thermal tourism resources, Turkey offers quality and affordable tourism packages to health tourists. Turkey, with its unique and strategic geographical location, is the crossroads between two continents bordering Europe, Asia and Central Asia. It can be reached easily and in a short time by plane from many countries. Turkey has combined the tradition of hospitality from its past with the understanding of medical tourism service. Expert health personnel and agency officials provide all kinds of services that a health tourist may need from the time they set foot in Turkey until they are sent home.

  • Why are bariatric surgery operations cheap in Turkey?

The factors affecting the cost of stomach reduction are not dependent on a single variable and vary according to the patient’s condition. Also, operations take between 1.5 and 4 hours depending on the patient’s condition. Gastric reduction surgery prices vary according to the patient’s condition, length of stay in hospital, type of stomach reduction and the experience of the surgeon. Generally, patients go to the hospital on the morning of the gastric reduction surgery and are discharged two days after the surgery.

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